We held the third “Symposium on Healthcare and Community Enrichment From Now–Role of Local Community-” in Kanazawa-City, Japan.

On October 15th we held The Third Symposium on Healthcare and Community Enrichment From Now–Role of Local Community- “ in Kanazawa-City, Japan.

About 1800 people attended including the medical professionals and legislators from throughout Japan and also local citizens. Symposium was also broadcasted live at 36 sites throughout Japan.



Healthcare and the structure of local communities are facing a big challenge in Japan due to its rapid change to super aging society, where more than 21% of the population is over 65.

The changes in the structure of illnesses; skyrocketing medical cost; difficulty in finding the meaning of life; decreasing birthrate and rapidly aging population; We are in the midst of difficult challenge and pain.

In search of ideal healthcare and a healthy lifestyle and the role of community which support these efforts, we had presentations of the experts in the fields of local government, Integrative Medicine, and ethics and moral including how we view life and death.

Summary of the lecture



Regarding the future of healthcare in Japan

(Prof. Toshinori Ito: Osaka University)


Future healthcare and community enrichment

(Mr. Akifumi Sakamoto: Mayor of Nanbu-Cho Tottori Prefecture)


Medicine and community enrichment based on Japanese spirituality

(Prof. Carl Becker: Kyoto University)

After the presentations, we had a lively discussion on the topics such as the relationship between the future of oil resources and nature farming and the effectiveness of Okada Purifying Therapy based on the participant’s actual experience.



<From the Message of Mr. Masanori Tanimoto (Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture)>

Japan is considered as one of the leading country of longevity in the world. Not only we live long, but what is expected is how we can live our full lifespan in good health. The quality of longevity is in question. In order to live our lives in good health and with satisfaction, in addition to our daily efforts in keeping proper diet and exercise, it is important to find our motivation in life which will make us psychologically healthy.

In terms of creating motivation in life, there must be variety of efforts depending on the age groups and the communities including what you MOA people are promoting such as agricultural activities, volunteer activities, and art and culture activities.

I truly respect the wide range of activities you are practicing and I hope you to further expand the health movement in the society.