MOA Museum of Art Children’s Art Exhibition Award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan




Ms. Kaewladda Kamsaman

Ban Thai Samakkhi School (5th grade)

 Me and my sister are taking care of the pigs at home. I really like the pigs because they are so cute. I enjoyed a lot when I was feeding them. It was cute when they are crying “oink oink”.


Comment from the judge Mr. Tomoyoshi Endo(Lecturer at the Seitoku University and Corporate Director of Mokichi Okada Art and Culture Foundation)

 You can see that they are raising a lot of pigs at their home and you can see they are taking good care of them. This picture is very cute and well described using the perspective sensation technique. You can see the depth of space from the pigs. I think the home behind is well drawn as well.

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