Mokichi Okada

The organization’s founder, Japanese philosopher, Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), was an artist and survivor of multiple illnesses. While suffering disease and experiencing the treatment of modern Western medicine, he experienced little relief. One day, he tried vegetable oriented diet and reduced medications. To his surprise, his condition improved. With such experience, he decided to devote himself in search of what makes people truly healthy body, mind and spirit and found out that everything on earth consists from visible (physical) and invisible (spiritual) dimensions and the clue for attaining true health lies in the invisible (spiritual) side of the nature.

From 1950s, he himself grew vegetables without using fertilizers and pesticides and the great taste of vegetables grown fertilizer-free and chemical-free convinced him about the invisible power of the nature inherent in everything on earth that nurtures and supports all the life activities.

The invisible power of the nature is not only powerful in nurturing us, but he also found out that it also accompanies beauty. He found out how valuable to enjoy the beauty of single flower and the beautiful scenery in our life that gives us spiritual nourishment and makes us truly healthy and happy. He also discovered the way to utilize such powerful and beautiful energy available in nature. He formulated a kind of energy healing method, called Okada Purifying Therapy. He called natural farming and diet; art and beauty; and using nature’s energy directly in the form of energy healing, as three major components in creating healthy individuals body, mind and spirit, which then would expand to families and to the society.

In 1950s, he predicted the arrival of a time when people will utilize such invisible energy in the future and he called this field as spiritual science.

Mission Statement

The mission of MOA (Mokichi Okada Association) is to work towards the elimination of disease, poverty and conflict based on advanced practices in the fields of medicine, agriculture and arts which integrate the fundamental principle of living in harmony with Nature, and fostering individuals and households whose thoughts, words and deeds can resonate with truth, virtue and beauty.