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Conversation between Mr. Murose and Professor Lira

The following transcript is a conversation between Mr. Kazumi Murose(Urushi artist, Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property/Living National Treasure of Japan as a maki-e lacquer artist) and Professor Claudia Lira(Assistant professor at Pontifical Catholic University in Chile) which took place on April 11th 2017 at MOA Museum of Art in Atami Japan. Murose: What kind of […]

We held the third “Symposium on Healthcare and Community Enrichment From Now–Role of Local Community-” in Kanazawa-City, Japan.

On October 15th we held “The Third Symposium on Healthcare and Community Enrichment From Now–Role of Local Community- “ in Kanazawa-City, Japan. About 1800 people attended including the medical professionals and legislators from throughout Japan and also local citizens. Symposium was also broadcasted live at 36 sites throughout Japan. Healthcare and the structure of local […]

MOA Overseas Forum

On June 12th, MOA Overseas Forum “Towards advancing Creation of Healthy Communities worldwide” was held at MOA Healthy Life Network Gathering in Hakone. At the forum, Executive Director of the Sunrise Foundation Dr. Wallace Fukunaga from Hawaii and City Councilman of Sao Paulo Dr. Gilberto Natalini from Brazil participated and reported the process towards creating […]

MOA Museum reopening on February 5th, 2017

Due to large-scale renovation work, MOA Museum of Art is scheduled to be closed from March 7th, 2016 for about 11 months. The purpose of the renovation is to reshape the gallery space and update the facilities. Mr. Hiroshi Sugimoto, a world renowned architect will design the lobby area and exhibition galleries. We apologize for […]