Nature Farming

Okada discovered that soil has a very important power within itself to produce food. Therefore, as the human being can thrive only by living in harmony with nature, if our agricultural methods respect soil and enhance its power, our food will always be rich in natural energy that nourishes and supports our health.

According to Okada’s early discoveries, Nature Farming results in increased production and produces healthy crops with abundant life energy. With the help of many farmers, he proved that decreasing toxic residues from soil and seeds (acquired from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) resulted in a gradual increase of both quality and quantity of crops. Healthy, uncontaminated crops give more energy to those who consume them, leading to healthier individuals and communities.

Local wellness centers encourage its members to start and maintain home gardens. Gardening is also used as a therapy to help individuals attain a better state of health through increased contact with Nature.