Okada Purifying Therapy

Okada Purifying Therapy (OPT) is considered a form of Energy Medicine. Purifying Therapy (PT) is the core of Okada’s utilization of “spiritual science.” He learned from nature that, just as our natural ecosystem cleanses itself periodically with water (rain) and wind, our body—a microcosm—also cleanses itself periodically. He believed that this cleansing process for the human being is what people call “illness,” which manifests as discomfort such as fever, pain, and stiffness. It is through illness that impure matters that have accumulated in the body over many years are eliminated. PT is based on Okada’s theory that we have life-sustaining energy because our spiritual body is combined with our physical body. Over many years of research, Okada discovered that focusing the spiritual energy available in the universe onto the affected part of the body will accelerate the dissipation of such impure matters. The transmission can be done from one person to another, or it can be self-administered. Receive or learn OPT at local wellness center.